Get your music heard. Discover music in the process.

Get your music heard

Let's face it, the music industry has changed... There once was a time where in order to release a song into the charts, you had to venture into a sound recording studio and pay a producer or engineer to professionally enhance and produce your track. But with the rise of technology in the 21st century people are blasting out seriously good music from the comfort of their own bedrooms. And the best part is, there's so much of it! In some cases, bedroom producers are producing better material than what's currently released from the hottest record labels and giving listeners an amazing choice of songs that suit their listening needs.

This is fantastic news isn't it? It is, but there's a problem with this kind of music production. Amateur producers and bands can't get their music heard through mainstream channels such as radio and television. Making music is a rewarding process but also very time consuming. It's hard to balance the time required between making music and then promoting the music. There are countless amounts of producers and bands out there who are desperately trying to get their music heard but struggle in the process. Karmacloud aims to solve this problem by providing easy access to listeners and a simple, yet effective way for musicians and bands to get their music heard and get plays and comments from their soundcloud account.

How Does This Site Work?

Give and yee shall receive! Karmacloud works on this principle. If you're prepared to leave feedback for other musicians then it will come right back at you.

What is Karma?

Karma is gained when you leave feedback on another artist's track. Each time you leave meaningful feedback for another artist you gain +10 karma. When you have 100 karma to spare, you can import one of your tracks directly from Soundcloud. When your track is upvoted, you gain +2 karma. Your track will then be listened to and also receive feedback from other members on the site.

How Can You Guarantee My Tracks Will Be Heard?

Easily, but first of all, let's agree that the feedback you want is from an artist in a similar genre. We can't have punk rockers leaving feedback for some dirty drum and bass. That would be silly. When you import your track, you associate it with a genre. Whenever a listener selects a genre, all tracks featured on the site are randomised into a genre specific playlist. Your track will always be on the playlist until it's comment limit is reached.

Comment limits

We have to put a cap on your tracks somehow. Every track imported into Karmacloud will have a default cap at 20 comments. Once that cap is reached, your track will no longer get played. But all is not lost! You can top-up your track's comment limit at any time using your hard earned karma! You can monitor your comment limit in the bottom right box.

Karmacloud uses the HTML5 WebAudio API, so we recommend using Google Chrome, although we also support Firefox and Opera.